Palace of Parliament - Bucharest International Conference Centre

24 November 2014

Palace of the Parliament`s general rules regarding the guided tours

To ensure your visit at the Palace of Parliament remains safe and enjoyable please take note of the following instructions:


  • Access and control procedures are performed as indicated by authorized personnel. All visitors to the Palace of Parliament will undergo a security check upon arrival and all belongings will be inspected. 

The following objects are not permitted: weapons, all firearms, ammunition, pepper sprays, toxic and flammable substances, any explosive device.

  • Access is permitted only with a valid national identity card (ID card or passport). No other forms of identification will be accepted in accordance with the Palace of Parliament Regulations concerning the processing of personal data for visitors granted access to the building, published in the Official Journal of Romania, part I, no. 456/ 31.V.2018.
  • Deliberately leaving the group or the designated route during the guided tour is forbidden. Under the provisions of paragraph 13, Article 2 of the Law 61/1991, reviewed, „(…) entering by violating the legal norms of access inside the headquarters of central or local public authorities, public institutions (...)”, is considered contravention.
  • Due to security reasons, please do not leave your luggage unattended!  For safety reasons, any unattended bags or packages may be removed and/or destroyed.
  • Tours are subject to availability. We reserve the right to refuse booking or selling tickets.
  • We reserve the right to deny access to visitors with inappropriate behavior.
  • Alcohol consumption and smoking are forbidden inside the Palace of Parliament! You’re allowed to bring liquids in plastic or glass bottles.
  • Do not touch or damage any of the works of art or furnishings within the building.
  • The use of lifts unaccompanied is not permitted!
  • Do not litter!
  • Dress code: we do require that guests are appropriately dressed while visiting.
  • The following items are not permitted: banners, placards, flags or any similar items.
  • Do not display any offensive or racist symbols.
  • Demonstrations inside the Palace of Parliament are strictly forbidden.
  • Do not sit on the stairs or any of the furniture during the tour.
  • Please be quiet and mindful of your surroundings during the tour so as not to disturb parliamentary sessions or conferences in progress.


Regulations regarding processing personal data to gain entry inside the Palace of Parliament (published in the Official Journal of Romania, Part I, on May 31st 2018 / no. 456): 


  • Access inside the Palace of Parliament is allowed only by using entrances equipped with control systems and in accordance with the Regulation regarding safety and order inside the Palace of Parliament.
  • Access inside the Palace of Parliament for visitors (tourists) (...) is only allowed based on presenting appropriate documentation.
  • Access documents (license, badge) can be issued by presenting a valid photo ID (identity card or passport) and registration of the personal data by the security inspectors of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Chamber of the Deputies.
  • Access can be issued after processing specific personal data: name, series and number of the identification document, citizenship and photo.
  • All persons inside the Palace of Parliament are required to wear their access documents (license, badge), which certifies the right to enter inside the building.
  • At the end of the visit, it is mandatory to return the access documents (license, badge) to the security inspectors who issued them.